Introduction to Hosting


  • We would like to offer you a captive audience using your supplies while supporting our industry.
  • Main reason to members of TTMAC was the mission to support education and the need in the market.
  • Be a part of solution. Help TTMAC create educated installers.
  • To affect the industry, you have to participate- this your chance to improve the standards.
  • Create a new customer- here’s your chance to get potential new customers into your facility.
  • Become synonymous with CCTI program is great marketing. You are the Gold Standard for testing space.
  • Getting installers through your facility and opportunity to have a conversation about your offerings. How often do you get the chance to speak directly to the installer? Getting them for comfortable with your product. Good experience with your supplies = new customer.
  • Exposure to products that an installer has never seen before. “You have setting materials- who knew.”
  • Connections to people on your staff that the installers don’t normally see or speak to. Creates a level of comfort with your company.
  • Table-tops / walk through showroom / host introduction- you will have 30 minutes to explain who you are and what you have. It’s a chance to also offer swag to get your logo out in the industry as someone who supports education.
  • Free promotion through TTMAC via social media, emails and mailouts about the testing.


  • Room size vs participant numbers (each tester will need 10 x 10 space)
  • Private space for testing – minimal interruptions, away from other staff/customers. This will have to be TTMAC approved for safety and space.
  • Space for thin set to be mixed- wet clean up.
  • Lunch / Coffee- you will pay for the catering and provide a space for the participants to eat.
  • Supplies for test- buckets, sponges, grout, 12 x 24-inch rectified porcelain tile (discontinued or new line you want to promote), thin set, Edge caps.
  • Pods shipped or built.
  • Disposal of materials

Hosting Acceptance Package

Things to Include

  • Auto CAD Drawings for Pods
  • Layout for the room
  • Cut Sheet for Pods
  • Checklist for preparation
  • Checklist for Testing Day
  • Checklist Supplies required
  • Sheet for what till be tested so they can add in their supplies where they want.
  • Agreement for Testing Date/Requirements/Signed by TTMAC and host
  • Shape of the day- sign-in, intro, start, break, finish.
  • Promotional Material